Hello there! I'm Court and I'm a designer and freelance illustrator currently residing in beautiful sunny Los Angeles, California. 
When I'm not painting backgrounds, props, FX, and characters for animation studios, you can often find me exploring local thrift shops, hanging with my cats, Ravioli and Cricket, and visiting my local video rental store.
I've worked on feature projects like an upcoming Garfield Movie and Bob's Burgers: The Movie, as well as television projects like Grimsburg, Mulligan, The Great North, Central Park and Twelve Forever. I also illustrate children's books for major publishers like Penguin Workshop and duoPress.
I studied Illustration Design and Animation at Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and graduated in 2015.
I'd love to collaborate with you and help bring your idea to life! I'm available for Prop/FX Design, Color Design and BG Paint Freelance and In-House work. I can be reached at my email: courtney@courtneylaforest.com
Thanks for stopping by! <3
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