Couple commission, Velma/Daphne fan art, Angry girl
Twelve Forever fanart, my "Gym Leader-sona"
Illustration for a Stranger Things tribute zine, International Women's Day 2018, Trans Day of Visibility 2018
Couple commission, character design
Charity print made in support of the Southern California Wildfire Relief Fund in the wake of the Thomas Fire in Ventura County.
Fanart of Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok, D&D character design, mock movie poster, "Dogs Are My Favorite People", "Game Night", September OOTD
Doggo Airport, Fanart of Star vs the Forces of Evil
myself as a Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon, Beagle Mom phone case design, cat drawing
Guitar Dog, old "spooky" Twitter icon, Artist Meme
birthday card design
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